Originally posted: https://www.hackedu.com/blog/top-4-ways-to-increase-completion-rates-for-secure-coding-training

It’s indisputable: Secure Coding Training is effective in reducing vulnerabilities in code. That’s why more and more companies are turning to this training to help speed up software deployment and prevent vulnerabilities. However, training can only be effective if the trainees actually take and complete the training…

Originally posted: https://www.hackedu.com/blog/how-offensive-training-improves-defensive-only-approaches-in-secure-coding-training

“I used to attack because it was the only thing I knew. Now I attack because I know it works best.”
- Garry Kasparov, chess legend

Chess is an oft-used analogy for cybersecurity because there are many similarities between the two. At their core, they are games…

By Rachel Virgil

Originally posted here: https://www.hackedu.com/blog/gender-diversity-considerations-in-training-avoiding-unintended-biases

When deciding which secure coding training program is right for you and your team, it’s important to choose a program that won’t unintentionally alienate certain groups. In 2021, it’s common knowledge that diversity improves performance and business outcomes, although the field of cybersecurity…

Originally posted https://www.hackedu.com/blog/3-steps-to-overcoming-the-shortage-in-security-talent .

According to the 2019/2020 Official Annual Cybersecurity Jobs Report, an estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will go unfilled in 2021. While attracting candidates from such a limited talent pool may seem impossible, companies do have other options at their disposal. …

Jared Ablon

Co-founder and CEO of HackEDU. Previously a CISO. 15 years in cybersecurity.

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